Vertical Solar Aircraft:vsa by Arman Abadi

Arman Abadi Designs The Vsa Vertical Solar Aircraft

Arman Abadi, the thinktank behind the highlighted project VSA - Vertical Solar Aircraft by Arman Abadi illustrates, It is the first vertical solar aircraft which has delta wings, it reach speed up to 300 km/H. Moreover, speed can be increased by changing 40KW engines to 60KW. For specific models, the hybrid system can be used to increase the range of the flight path. To reduce the weight of the aircraft, the fuselage is made of carbon fiber. For the aerodynamics of the aircraft's fuselage it is built as an integrated form. Turn to the left or right in the vertical flight mode by increasing or decreasing Revolutions per Minute (RPM) using front engines along with the wings rear engine..

Vertical Solar Aircraft:vsa by Arman Abadi Images:


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